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Need To Know More About The Ghana Property Market ?

Quick Easy Guide

This short overview may be useful to you if you're looking for a simple, quick guide to developing your first home in Ghana.

Step #1 Buying The Land

You must first officially purchase a piece of land.

In Ghana, purchasing land can be a difficult procedure. There are primarily two ways to purchase land.


Land can be purchased from:



Real estate firms


Step #2 Protecting The Land

As soon as you purchase your land, you should secure it.


You can accomplish this by erecting a temporary gate and fencing the construction site.

This protects your property and lessens the likelihood that dishonest people will trespass on it.


However, walling won’t be able to protect land that was sold to you illegally.

Please be sure you have legal ownership of the land you are fencing.

We are fully licensed to handle all government processes associated with your project, which means you can fully trust us to help plan your project without any worries — this includes everything from documentation to permit approvals and more.

Step #3 Designing and Documenting the Project

Getting an architect to oversee the design and documentation of your dream home is advised.

Architects and other experts in the construction sector are fairly expensive. However, you will receive far more value than you paid for.

On the other hand, you can hire a draughtsman if you don’t care about the quality that an architect or a qualified designer can provide to your project.

You are free to decide.

Step #4 Getting The Building Permit

A building permit is necessary for the construction of every building in Ghana.

Starting a construction project without getting approval from the required district assembly or municipal authority is prohibited.


The owners who disobey this procedure will, more importantly, be charged a penalty price in addition to the standard permission amount.

We advise you to ask your architect to keep track of the granting of the building permit for your ideal project.

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What We Do

What Makes Us Different From Others?


We provide you with an all-round service from the beginning to the end of your property development and management.


Our clients trust us to get the job done! We never promise anything we know we can’t deliver.


With over 15years of experience in the property market both in Ghana and the UK


We take over the complex legal procedures associated with buying /selling land and property to deliver a service with minimal hassle.


All of our developments have been constructed according to the highest industry standards and are fully secured.


We want to establish long-term relationship with clients through repeat business and recommendations, not just one transaction..

Every single project we develop comes with complete building permit assistance from our experts — from pre-planning all the way through to completion.

Step #5 Starting The Foundation

Setting out, excavating trenches, fastening iron rods for columns, pouring concrete for the base, erecting foundation walls, pouring columns, filling and compacting, and casting the final slab are all steps in the foundation stage.

When setting out, you must be careful to have measurements and levels correct.

A small mistake at this stage will have an impact on the entire project’s other stages. Things is crucial to get it correct before moving further.

Step #6 Putting Up The Main Building

The primary duty of the group of masons you might hire is this. Make sure you have a capable foreman to evaluate, comment on, and fix job problems.

Step #7 Roofing The Building

When it comes to covering the roof of your structure, there are numerous roofing options.

At the design stage, be sure to discuss the roofing possibilities with your architect.

Building the roofing structure and attaching the roofing shingles or sheets to the roof are done during the roofing stage.


Building the roof will account for a sizable portion of your construction costs.

Avoid Costly Mistakes
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If you are looking for quick and easy guide to building your first house in Ghana this short consultation might help you.

What Should You Expect?

By the end of the call, you will get some ideas and know-how to give you the confidence for your building project.

We believe in offering an affordable service so that you can manage your investment as easily as possible. That's why we provide a full range of our services at affordable prices.

Step #8 Electrical Works

One of the crucial steps in constructing your ideal home in Ghana is electrical wiring.


To avoid future issues, be sure to select the proper brand of electrical wiring products.


Residential fires can be started by bad electrical wiring products. Set high standards for your contractor.

Step #9 Plumbing Works

Plumbing supplies are a further crucial stage.

For your project, a professional plumber will use sturdy pipes.


The most important thing to remember while looking for plumbing supplies for your project is to be aware of the different degrees of quality available on the market.

Step #10 Finishing

The finishing phase entails selecting the style of windows, doors, and door handles, as well as tiling, bathroom fixtures, and other items.


Here, you get to pick the best artistic components to add some sweetness to your ideal home.

This degree is a question of preference.


Make the right decisions for you and your family.

Our Guarantees

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Step #11 The External Works

First, tidy up the yard to increase the value of your ideal home.


Define the pathways from the pavement and lawns as well. To improve your lawns and gardens, plant some lovely shrubs and flowers and get some sizable boulders and stones. Adding some water features to your landscaping is another unique method to spruce it up. Water features include stunning swimming pools, water walls, and fountains. Additionally, you can purchase some unique fire bowls to improve the outdoor mood.


Above all, create a welcoming environment outside your business that people would like to hang around in forever.

Step #12 Moving In

Finally, you may now proudly claim ownership of your property. Now you have some suggestions for home construction in Ghana.



If you already own your land, you can build your structure by following these instructions.

You can contact us if you have any inquiries concerning the specifics of creating your home.

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