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Construction projects are difficult, time-consuming, and expensive if the person in charge doesn't have experience. It can be especially difficult to do so in another country where many of the needed resources are often scarce.
With no one to guide you, it's impossible for you to get started with something that can take years to complete. If you don't partner with the right people you can often find yourself living in a nightmare hellscape.

Jacob West offers an array of different house building packages that suit every need and budget. We specialize in projects of all shapes and sizes: from single-room houses to multi-level villas, you name it, they can build it!


With over 15 years of experience in the market, Jacob West has mastered the art of construction that includes designing, managing and overseeing every step of the process for flawless results.

Michael Kyei-Ayensu
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Michael Kobina Hanson


Michael Asante-Appah


Jana Smajstrlova

Mark Cofie

Mark Coffie


Dr. Benjamin Tuffour | MPHARM

What We Do

What Makes Us Different From Others?


We provide you with an all-round service from the beginning to the end of your property development and management.


Our clients trust us to get the job done! We never promise anything we know we can’t deliver.


With over 15years of experience in the property market both in Ghana and the UK


We take over the complex legal procedures associated with buying /selling land and property to deliver a service with minimal hassle.


All of our developments have been constructed according to the highest industry standards and are fully secured.


We want to establish long-term relationship with clients through repeat business and recommendations, not just one transaction..

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average price of land for sale in Accra is approximately $2,500 per plot. The most expensive land costs around $15,000 per plot while the cheapest costs near to $1,250 per plot

Can a foreigner purchase real estate in Ghana? The response is “Yes.” In Ghana, there are no limitations on foreigners purchasing real estate. However, it is crucial to take into account the country’s above-mentioned land categorization, as some property types cannot be privately owned.

A document that affects land must be registered, according to Ghanaian law.

The following documents must be present, depending on the type of land or property: a leasing agreement, a land title certificate, a building permission, an EPA permit, etc. Additionally, it’s crucial that you look over the land title paperwork or the assignment to see how long the lease on the property is still valid.

A permit is, first and foremost, a document that gives you the legal right to begin the construction phase of your building project.

It shows that the project has undergone a thorough evaluation by experts.

It demonstrates that the government has fully approved of the construction project. You can begin the entire construction without any obstacles thanks to this document.

You can get your building permit from your local municipal assembly .


Real estate taxes, often known as property taxes or property rates, are determined based on the assessed value of the property. In Ghana, it is referred to as Property Rate. The Local Governance Act of 2016 governs property rates (Act 936)

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Our company is based on a single premise: the new Africa already exists!

Contact Info

Osu Crescent Nyaniba Estates, Osu Accra, Ghana P.O. BOX CT 11298


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Michael Kobina Hanson

I have dealt with Michael Kyei-Ayensu of Jacob West for many years now. He helped me in 2006 to acquire my first property in the United Kingdom.

I have nothing but respect and administration for the professionalism I received. Whether it be property acquisition or secure finance, Jacob West provided a first class service with impeccable results each time.


Michael Asante-Appah

I feel very encouraged and compelled to commend Mr. Michael Kyei-Ayensu , proprietor of Jacob West Ltd without any shadow of doubt and as a matter of fact, to any prospective client who will deal with this gentleman on all matters relating to property and any other business matters.
My wife and I embarked on a venture to buy a property about 13years ago, and an instruction through a friend, initiated our first encounter with Mr. Kyei. He made what should have been a complicated task because of our situation, look very effortless.

We built our total trust in him to execute all the transactions which included solicitors, paperwork, and the lenders and with great approach and skills in his knowledge, transparency of his job, we got satisfied with what he did for us.

I will surely be prepared to do another business with him or Jacob West Ltd, as they have surely created a good name for themselves.


Jana Smajstrlova

Operations Manager

I have worked with Michael Kyei-Ayensu in London at Leasehold Property Management in 2001. It was great pleasure having him on our team. Michael has always been professional, courteous to all customers, innovative and a keen learner, great team player, always happy and smiley. It was great to have someone enthusiastic and confident around.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Jana Smajstrlova AIRPM | Operations Manager

Leasehold Property Management LTD
P.O.Box 406
London, NW5 2UW


Mark Cofie

Mark Coffie

Chief Executive Officer

Here is a quick note to share our thanks and appreciation for your unique portfolio and excellent services.
Your care and attention to the details in our need was exemplary; but going above and beyond to ensure that we finally got exactly what we were looking for is what sets you apart from others we have dealt with.

Be assured of our commitment to you and your business, and we shall share the well-kept secret of Jacob West every chance we get. Keep up the good work

Mark Cofie Jnr. | Chief Executive Officer

Emcee Properties Ltd.
Markcofie House, Osu
O. Box, Os1272
Osu, Accra


Dr. Benjamin Tuffour


Michael and his team were highly professional when I used their services to purchase an investment property. His insight and knowledge was invaluable and he was able to get me a fantastic rate on the mortgage.

The service and personal attention I received from the team was exceptional and beyond what I expected! His knowledge of the local and national market albeit, commitment in finding me the best rate helped in my search for further investment properties.

He was there for me every step of the way. I’m glad I chose his services and would recommend his company to anyone if you are looking for a company that keeps you well informed throughout the process then look no further than michael and his team.

I have no hesitation in recommending the company, as they provide exceptional service throughout.

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