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Land Registration in Ghana: 7 Critical Steps To Take

Owning land is a worthwhile investment since it grows in value over time. In order to prevent problems, it is crucial to ensure that you work with the land agency and do all necessary and suitable steps. Make certain to register your land properly because doing so in Ghana gives you complete control over the land and its development. The steps for registering your land in Ghana are listed below.

Checking who owns the land in Ghana

Make sure to conduct in-depth investigations of the property. To inspect and investigate the land and establish its availability, you may want to consider hiring a land lawyer. Check with the government’s land managers to discover if the property has been designated for any construction projects.

Purchase and Negotiation

Negotiations can start as soon as you determine that the land is available and suitable. Keep in mind that you must communicate with the property’s legitimate owner. Be aware that using a middleman is not recommended.

Signature on a document

Make three copies of the contract after the agreement. The agreement documents will need to be signed by a land attorney. A copy of the site plan shall be annexed to each copy of the Agreement. Additionally, you’ll need two extra copies of the site plan. The site plan’s back must be signed and approved by both the purchaser and the land’s owner. The site plan will then be certified by having a regional surveyor and a licenced land surveyor stamp it.


The buyer and the landowner are required by law to have at least two certified individuals sign as witnesses. The goal is to provide testimony to the proceedings in the event that there is a dispute over who is the rightful owner of the land.

Land Commission

After signing each form, send it together with a processing fee to the Ghana Land Commission. The processing and registration of the land can then start. The Ghana Land Valuation Board receives the documents after processing and certifies and stamps them.


Taxes related to the registration process are handled by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS receives the paperwork needed to clear the land of taxes. Once everything is finished, you (the buyer) receive a tax clearance certificate, which you then send to the lands commission for deeds registry final registration.

Original Copy

You can obtain an original copy of the land title document at the deeds registry.


You are guaranteed to have no land disputes if you carefully follow the steps outlined above, and you should soon be the proud owner of some land in Ghana. The land title paperwork should be kept in a safe location.

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