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How much deposit do I need to pay when buying a home?

When purchasing a home, real estate agencies and private developers typically want a deposit between 20 and 30 percent.

How much does it cost to buy land in Ghana?

The average price of land for sale in Accra is approximately $2,500 per plot. The most expensive land costs around $15,000 per plot while the cheapest costs near to $1,250 per plot

Does Jacob West have its own mortgage scheme?

No. To satisfy your specific financing requirements, we within many with a choice of mortgage lenders who offer a range of terms and conditions.


When buying a property, who pays for property taxes?

Up until the ultimate ownership has been transferred to the potential house buyer, the property owner is responsible for paying the whole cost of the upcoming property taxes.

What government fees apply in buying a property?

Home buyers are required by law to pay fees to important organisations such the Lands Commission, Metropolitan Assembly, and infrequently the local elders. Depending on the property's nature and location, these costs may change.

What taxes are applicable when buying a house?

All firms engaged in the creation and sale of immovable property will be subject to a 17.5% tax under the Value Added Tax 2013, or Act 870. This will increase the price that the buyer must pay.


Does the “Cooling off Period” apply in Ghana?

After exchanging the purchase agreement and signing it, Europeans and Americans are given a cooling-off time (often lasting a few weeks) to determine whether they truly want to move further. There is no law in Ghana either supporting or prohibiting it. However, after a buyer signs a purchase agreement, some developers give them some time to make a final decision. If you think it's necessary, you can also directly make those arrangements.

Can I still buy a property whilst living outside Ghana?

Yes. We have dealt with numerous homebuyers who reside abroad. Our operational methods are made to accommodate individuals and groups residing in or travelling outside of Ghana.

As a potential buyer, what are my responsibilities?

In order to find out who the actual landowners are, a prospective buyer is expected to do a thorough search at the Lands Commission. To undertake the search at the Public and Vested Land Management Department (PVLMD) and Survey and Mapping Division of the Lands Commission, a prospective buyer should obtain a site plan for the property they wish to purchase.


This should happen before the negotiation for the property starts.

Ft2 What's the measurement all about?
Measure the length and width of the space then multiply those two numbers to get the square footage of a room or piece of land. Ghana uses square feet to measure land. Now, a single parcel of land measures 70 feet by 100 feet.


Difference between a Titled Land and Plotted (Registered) land?

Titled Land

According to PNDCL 152, Land Title Registration grants the owner of the property an unassailable title. This law is valid in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, and some areas of Winneba (the "Registration Districts").


Plotted Land

Untitled land that has been plotted (or registered) is one whose specifics are listed in the Public and Vested Lands Management Division (PVLMD) of the Lands Commission's records. Before a title can be given, all plotted lands must go through additional procedure at the Lands Commission.


NB: Titled lands provide its owner with security of tenure and are more expensive than Plotted Lands.

Can non citizens own land in Ghana?

Can a foreigner purchase real estate in Ghana? The response is “Yes.” In Ghana, there are no limitations on foreigners purchasing real estate. However, it is crucial to take into account the country’s above-mentioned land categorization, as some property types cannot be privately owned.

Is it compulsory to register land in Ghana?

A document that affects land must be registered, according to Ghanaian law.

How do you prove ownership of land in Ghana?

The following documents must be present, depending on the type of land or property: a leasing agreement, a land title certificate, a building permission, an EPA permit, etc. Additionally, it’s crucial that you look over the land title paperwork or the assignment to see how long the lease on the property is still valid.


What is building permit in Ghana?

A permit is, first and foremost, a document that gives you the legal right to begin the construction phase of your building project.

It shows that the project has undergone a thorough evaluation by experts.

It demonstrates that the government has fully approved of the construction project. You can begin the entire construction without any obstacles thanks to this document.

Where to get your building permit in Ghana?

You can get your building permit from your local municipal assembly .

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